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Dachshund Paradise


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Dachsie Days by Betty Lucking

Dachsie Days

I`m not very high, I`m not very tall
And though I`m long I`m still quite small
But my heart is big and my bark is loud
And I always get noticed in a crowd.
I walk down the street with my head held high
And listen to comments from passers-by,
They say, Isn`t he gorgeous, I know they mean me,
For goodness sake who else would it be?
When we get in the car I never know
In which direction we have to go,
Sometimes it`s the beach sometimes the shop
And wondering keeps me on the hop.
If we go a long way it`s a pretty safe bet
Our journey`s end will be at the vet.
He looks in my eyes and peers at my toes,
Examines my teeth and stares up my nose,
He fetches a needle to give my injection
And although I know it`s for my protection
What I object to although it`s well meant
The business is done without my consent,
But when I get home there`s always a treat
Like a nice paddywack or a doggie sweet.
My very best pal is a dog called Lottie,
A funny old friendship `cos Lottie`s a Rottie,
I`m proud to be seen with a rottweiller
And everyone knows I look up to her.
Yes, life is good, I`m a happy boy,
I bring mommy and daddy lots of joy,
At night I`m wrapped up like a turtle dove
And wake up next morning bursting with love.

Copyright: Betty Weaver Lucking 2002


You may use the poem on your site.
I still retain the copyright.
I`m glad you enjoyed it


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