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Dachshund Paradise


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Modem and Molly photos

Aren't they cute?

this is Modem and Molly our dachshunds. They sometimes enjoy my photo taking ideas.  Sometimes they don't like with the balloons. But they always end up extremely cute in my photos.


(above) Modem and Molly chewing rolled pigs ears


(above) Modem on my pink airmatress. isn't this a cute photo of her. 
(below) Molly on my pink air matress. I think she is being a real cute girl.



(above) Modem and Molly posing with some balloons. These were extremely hard to get cause the doxies are already worried about balloons and then I don't know how to tie knots in balloons so I taped the air pumps and with a little air still going out it worried them even more.


(Above) Modem and the Pumpkins (Below) Molly and the pumpkins bit you can't guess the two holidays these work well with.


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