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Dachshund Paradise


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Dachshund Swimsuit Idea

This is still in the works

Dachshund Swimsuits? Yes dachshund swimsuits, what would be greater than taking your dachsie for a swim with you in her brand new swimsuit? Well unfortunately this is still in the works. The hardest part is the tail hole, and the hole so your dog can relieve itself when it needs to. So far we are a long way off. However I really hope that some day maybe a online person who knows how to sew well will be able to design a few. For now it is a fantasy. However it is being worked on.


Thankyou Faye for the idea of velcro. Now I need to find out if it is waterproof.  Once I find that out I have to make a decision. There is a very good chance that the swimsuits will be able to be able to be designed, by me, soon.  Your pups should be proud of you. If I get one done everyone will get their photos. 


This idea did not work, after lots of frustration I came to the reality of it all, Dachshund swimsuits would be difficult to make. After a lot of frustration I gave up and started other things with the supplies. Here is a cape I made the girls, I am going to make a better one, and some other stuff in the near future for the girls. Keep up with my site


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