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Oscars-Astronotus Ocellatus



PLEASE DO NOT BUY PURPLE OSCARS OR ANY OTHER WEIRD COLORS OF OSCARS. I promise I will not support the dye process used to make these types of fish. It hurts and can kill your oscars. I will not give any further advise on these types of oscars.

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Oscars are cool fish. Read on ----->


Educated Vinny Says learn more about oscars

Oscars come from South America. In nature they are a predator and a INSECTIVORE.They eat fish which is 6% of their diet,water insects,land and flying insects,and crustacians.they also will eat some plant matter. They are a loved home aquarium fish mainly because they have nice colors, are smart, and are fun to watch eat. However Oscars grow quite large about 18" and that hasn't ever changed. They require a fairly large aquarium and grow rapidly. If you get two, one will become the dominate fish as that is what they'd do in the wild as well.

If you have a Oscar you already know that each Oscar has it's own personality. It depends on the Oscar's personality on how it will respond to it's enviorment. Oscars are diggers as well they love to rearrange the gravel and make pits and resting spots. My Oscars have their very own personal spot in the aquarium where they like to lay. They are so fun to watch grow and work on their homes.

The Oscar is a fish that likes to spend most of it's time resting and hunting that involves staying in low current areas and that is why you will not probably find a oscar in a high current area.


These are oscars

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Oscar's World

To a Oscar the World is however big his under water world is. In the Wild he has almost unlimited space. However in a Human's care he/she are in a aquarium. Please remember to get a large enough aquarium so your oscar isn't cramped, and give your oscars some toys or decorations to play with during the day so they don't get bored.

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