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Oscars-Astronotus Ocellatus


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Which Are Good or Bad?

Oscars enjoy eating a lot of meat sources. Feeder Fish and Cichlid meat pellets (red bag) are good sources of this. Getting your oscars algae wafers as vegitable matter and vitamins is good. However consider this whenever feeding your the food you are going to feed them going to be messy?

Oscars when eating will burp food out their mouths or filter what isn't necessary for nutrition through their gills. this can get very messy. Infact it may destroy your water quality unless you have a good filter. I recomend 330 gallons per hour as the lowest rated filter to go with (this is what I have) It may save your aquarium, your oscars and other inhabitants, and you the trouble of a major mess.


These photos show you a hungery oscar hunting down her food...and how fast it disappears into her stomache (note: she has a male partner also feeding not showing in these photos)


Oscars need larger feeders or more smaller feeders as they grow larger.