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Oscars-Astronotus Ocellatus


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Sexual Maturity and Reproduction In Oscars

This is to help potential breeders

I recently had a Aquarium Encyclopedia state that oscars are sexualy mature at 12 cm. After reading several books I found this to be a misprint so I took it off my site.

Oscars are sexualy mature between 7-12 inches. The Parents and Fry need to be seperated when the fry are free swimming. This is because some oscar parents will eat their fry. While some won't why chance it?

oscar eggs are clear when laid...non fertile eggs go white in 24 hours...good ones quickly become amber colored

you need a flat rock or piece of slate (which is a type of rock) for your oscars to deposit their eggs on.


this is a photo of a soon to be defensive oscar mother

I want to say that to all the sites and books that have allowed me to use their information I acknowledge you.
Thank you very much.

A few Books I have used are:

Aquarium Fish by Dick Mills (1993)
Handbook of Tropical Aquarium Fish (1990)
Aquarium Encyclopedia (1983)

Some of the sites I have either got ideas from or used information from are:
Fish Index
Tom's Place
Oscar World
Juggalo's Site
The Guest
Animation Factorie
ModemMom's Site

If I missed your site I am sorry I promise you that your contribution will not be lost in memories of how this site was built. Thank you to Everyone who has helped this site along the way.