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Fisherman's Dream Site

This site is dedicated to my uncle who taught me a lot about fishing for bass,salmon,sturgeon and other species I had never fished for.

It is also dedicated to all the fishermen who go out and fish on a regular basis.

This is also dedicated to my grandpa who I understand enjoyed fishing but because of a personal aircraft accident never was able to fish with me.


Fishing is a BLAST. It costs whatever you make it cost. It can be cheap or expensive. Also you do not have to buy all your Lures and hooks from a store,I found a lot of mine as lost or discarded things fisherman left behind.

Here I can tell you about my fishing times with my uncle and what we found handy to know with certain species of fish. However finding YOUR own hotspots is a task you must complete yourself.

Salmon: Salmon come up river to spawn after they spawn they die. So if you want to catch the big ones you need to place yourself between the fish and their spawning grounds. Salmon like deep water so if you have a boat go to a drop off with good current and your odds of catching a salmon will be better.

Sturgeon: By Law you can only keep sturgeon between 4-5ft. in legth. To make it harder they also make it mandatory to file the barbs off your hooks. Also you may not fish after dark for them as that is when they come out to feed.

To Catch a sturgeon find a very deep hole in a river cast out and wait. Good bait consists of a pickle and rotten meat. use atleast 30 lb. test because these fish are heavy. Some get up over 400-500 lbs. Now you may ask isn't that test too weak. No, you are measuring the amount of force the fish makes when he pulls away from your fishing pole. Also hold on tight your in for one hell of a fight.

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The Salmon swimming

This is a swimming adult Salmon

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