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Sturgeon Fishing

The Longest Living Fresh Water Fish


Columbia River White Sturgeon Fishing Tips: White sturgeon are an
anadromous species that, when given clear access, will migrate to and
from the sea. The Northwest's Columbia River is widely regarded as the
most productive white sturgeon fishery on the planet. Careful regulation,
management, strict length and harvest limits, and tackle restrictions have
enabled these fish to thrive. Sturgeon follow the predominate feed. In the
spring, smelt; in the summer and fall, shad, eel, and "floater" salmon; and
in the winter, anything from smelt and Roll Mop herring to nightcrawlers or
sand shrimp. A high resolution fish finder is essential. Look for large
targets working the bottom, especially where there are drop offs, or
well-defined breaks, or underwater humps. Anchor upstream and "bounce"
your offering down towards the fish. You need only get close...the
sturgeon's sense of smell is keen and will direct Ol' Diamondback right to
your bait. Because of the specialized nature of this fishery, and the danger
involved in anchoring, it is highly recommended you hire a professional
guide, who will provide the proper tackle, bait, and knowledge necessary to
enjoy a safe and productive trip.

Sturgeon are bottom-feeders, constantly rubbing against rocks and are
therefore extremely resistant to tagging. Because they are difficult to keep
track of, one study will claim sturgeon migrate, the next will insist they are
territorial; one says they spawn in fast water, the next in deep eddies; one
says they can live to be fifty years old, the next a century. No one disputes,
however, that Idaho’s white sturgeon can grow to be stupendously big. A
sepia photograph taken in 1898 shows a 1500-pound, 20-foot monster being
dragged by a four-mule team onto a bank below Twin Falls.

Sturgeon: By Law you can only keep sturgeon
between 4-5ft. in legth. To make it harder they
also make it mandatory to file the barbs off your
hooks. Also you may not fish after dark for them
as that is when they come out to feed.

To Catch a sturgeon find a very deep hole in a
river cast out and wait. Good bait consists of a
pickle and rotten meat. use atleast 30 lb. test
because these fish are heavy. Some get up over
400-500 lbs. Now you may ask isn't that test too
weak. No, you are measuring the amount of force
the fish makes when he pulls away from your
fishing pole. Also hold on tight your in for one hell
of a fight

two anglers catching a sturgeon

Information Borrowed from Outdoor Journal & Thomason Outfitters