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Catching Billy the Bass

In his own backyard


My Uncle,friend,and my catch for a day.



small mouth bass caught by a anonymous angler

Catching Bass is realatively easy as long as you have the right bait. Worms usually work the best. However I have caught them on everything from jigs to crappy lures. Oh and that Berkley Bass actractant does work to lure the big ones to your hook so if you can get some I recommend you do.You need to use atleast a 8 Lb. test line otherwise your line will break when you catch the big one.

Also you can tell a large mouth from a small mouth. Small mouth bass have vertical bars on them and Large Mouth Bass have Horizontal Bars on them.

tips: 1. lots of fish like warm shallow water but bass especially like it.

2. if the water is cold move your bait slower because
the fish bass eat move less when in cold water.

3. In the event of a cold front or in early spring
use a pumping motion instead of just reeling in
to catch bass.

4. when the water in the lake or stream you are
fishing in rises head for shallow water it is where
the bass will be.

5. "match the hatch" use actual bait that is a prey at
the time or use something that looks like it. More
than likely you will fool the fish.

6. If you do not go on a sunny day DON'T use reflective lures. They lose their shine and
do not attract fish. Instead use a dull colored
lure and you'll more than likely have better odds.

Small Mouth Bass

Bass spawn in shallow water and after spawning return to the deep.

Some of this information comes from fishing shows which have
professionals on them.