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Flower Photography


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My Flower Photography

My Flower Photography Hobby in detail

I love the flower world I believe that flowers are one of earths types of gems and I love to look at them in the spring and summer.


Roses are great flowers to photograph, I also have photographed lots of other flowers. I especially love irises, I am currently growing a Japanese Iris (iris ensata) in my backyard. I hope to have photos of it here as soon as it blooms.


a fantastic rose

Where I learned to photograph flowers like this

The place I learned to take photos like this was through a digital camera magazine that I was reading when we were at one of my brother's debates for his college team. I read a artical that described techniques used by the professionals, it has helped tremendously with my flower photography.

Favorite Flowers


I will have photos of these flowers in my website, if there is not a photo of one of these types of flowers on my website currently, I appoligize, there will be soon.