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Flower Photography


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Irises Photo Page 1

have fun viewing


Irises are by far my favorite type of flower. They are truly beautiful, and delicate. They come in various species, styles, colors, and yes they all have different traits.  The Lillie a relative of the iris is a another favorite of mine. You will be able to see Lillies also through out the website.


Planed Iris crosses can produce hybrid irises that are not only better than the parent flowers but also beautiful live gems to the eyes. So do plan your hybridizing carefully so to get good results.


The photo above is of some wild irises. Though it is far away and also only a okay quality photo, it gives you an idea of what they look like.



Irises are wonderful flowers for bouquets but they must be kept out of the sun after they are cut or they will welt.

The next Iris Page has the garden of a hybridizer that I know. He is a wonderful person who has dedicated his life to irises and is hybridizing correctly. You can see the results on the next iris page.