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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

The Photography I do is something that I love, I can't find the word for it but it seems like a little more than a hobby. It is something that makes my life a little bit more enjoyable.

My mother started us on disposable film cameras. After awhile I bought a cheap 35 mm. camera. It worked well, but I soon became agrivated at the price of film and developing. I soon went digital. I will never go back to film. I will say this I have took a lot more photos since I went digital because the cost is less and you can not take a bad digital photo with the ability to delete the bad photos right off the camera.

photos are in everything, observe


I find even the most simple things like these apples make a good photo. Look around you there are endless photos. Look harder and you will find those truly amazing ones that make memories.

Favorite Seasons for photography in order

1. Spring (everything is blooming)
2. Summer (boating and parties)

3. Fall (bright colors in trees)
4. Winter (snow and Ice)