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Our good friend J.K. Rowling has wrote The Harry Potter Books. They include The Sorcer's Stone, Chamber Of Secrets, The Prisoner of Azkaban, and Goblet of Fire. She is currently working on the Order Of The Phoneix, however there is currently no set release date for that book.

The Following is what J.K. Rowling had to say when questioned about the Order of The Phoneix book.

"Despite what you may have read, and probably to Nigel's [the managing director of Bloomsbury] immense relief, I am happily incarcerated in a rather chilly Edinburgh, busily writing Book Five."
-- J. K. Rowling; BBC News


While I liked and enjoyed the Movie of Harry Potter I believe it took a lot away from the book. Let me explain this to you. Through out the books Harry lives with the Dursleys which are muggles and they hate the magical world. He is then accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Where he meets the Weasley family and Hermoine Granger and learns how to do spells, curses, potions, and his favorite sport Quidditch which is a game which has bludgers,quaffles, and a snitch. The beaters must keep the bludgers from hitting the players, the keepers must score small points by sending the quaffles through rings in the air, and the seeker (Harry Potter) must catch the snitch which scores 150 points and ends the game.

I feel a lot of this material was cut from the movie to make it short. However I feel they should have a version of the movie with all the details. Until that time I feel the movies will take away from the Harry Potter Books.

Harry Potter Movie Soundtract

The Soundtract for Harry Potter the movie is now available at stores. It is the background music you hear from the movie. It includes no singing. It is very good in my opinion and I have the Cd. for it. Please enjoy the soundtract if you decide to get it.


Harry Potter Poster

Harry Potter Movie Poster

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