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Welcome to Extreme Anime...This site is commited to anime.

My anime drawings are actual characters from Sailor Moon,Gundam Wing,and one misc. character named Tita I drew from a cel I got off another anime site. I will not be adding any actual cels,anime, or Manga here without permisson from the owner, I do not wish to cause trouble doing so.

I wish to express anime through my hard work and hope to add features in the long run to make you my guest entertained. Anything you feel appropriate for the site send to me at and I will review it. By the way do not bother sending hentai drawings as I will be making this a hentai free site.

What's Manga or Cels?

For Starters Manga is moving anime. They like to show in the tv. shows,movies,and some times comic books.

Now what is cels? well cels are original photos from the movies or tv. series from certain scenes. Some people will pay money to actually own a cel collection

Noine; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is one example of my anime drawings

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This is some of my friend's site. They draw supurb anime.

Welcome to my ANIME WEBRING....Please join the webring if your anime website is anti hentai.

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