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Be A Reel Angler

I hold in my hand a fishing rod. This is because I am a fisherman and a fisherman is not just someone who
simply goes out and harvests fish. A fisherman knows how the fish reacts to certain bait, where they are going to be, if there is a limit to the fish he is fishing for, and if it is an endangered species.

When I fish I consider these things. Why? First let's address the subject of if it is an endangered species.
If it is an endangered species like some salmon or the wild steelhead there will be a limitation to the amount
Of this species you can catch for whatever purpose you are fishing for it for.

Second , why should you need to know how the fish is going to react before and after he is on your
Lure? The reason for this is a surprise can lead to a complete loss of the fish. We know you would like to
Get that fish to the shore or boat right? Yeah so start investing some time to learn about the prey you desire to catch.

Third, why should you know what bait to use? Well this one should be explanatory but for those
Of you who don't know the fish does have a preference of what it wants to bite, and yes it can change
From day to day.

Okay fourth you need to know where the fish is going to be with in a perimeter. Why? It is a waste
Of your fishing time to be trolling around looking for the good spot. Ofcourse you can use the other
Angler's observations but do you really trust his observations? He could be wrong. Hmmmm I would think about that one for awhile.

with that said let us get to the rest of the site

Another thing is please have some RESPECT for other anglers.Do not put your boat over other angler's lines.

My Uncle,friend, and my catch

This is my uncle,friend,and my catch

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The sites intention

To teach you about different types of fishing

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